Hulu Restricts Mobiles – Android Says NOT!

Nifty Fix to Allow Hulu Content, Right onto your Android Phone!

Hulu has been the most demanding and most content filled online video provider for a very long time in the United States. Other than not being available outside the US, the video giant does not support any mobile devices accessing the website. But the Android platform did not stop there. It found a way to dupe the video giant into allowing the content to be streamed through. Hulu, the popular online video service provider, has not yet been customized in order to provide content onto Android based platforms. But now that Android supports Flash 10.1, people have been trying their best to level with the video provider and get video on their phones.
Even though Hulu has not made a customized website for the Android devices, there’s a new nifty trick that’s been floating around on the internet to make that thing work! All that’s required to be done is that the Android phone should be able to make the Hulu website believe that it’s an indeed a desktop computer and NOT a mobile device. How to do so? Well, read on!

Hulu - Android
Hulu - Android

According to a popular Android dedicated website, Absolutely Android, the trick is pretty simple. All you have to do is get the Android application to run in such a way that the Hulu website gets tricked into thinking that the Android phone that is trying to access the website is actually a desktop computer instead of a mobile device. Here’re the following steps in order to get the Hulu website working on the phone.

1.    Make sure the Adobe Flash 10.l is installed on your Android phone
2.    Fire up the web browser on your Android phone and in the address bar, go ahead and type: “about:debug” and click on Go.
3.    A new page would open and go to the Settings section. Scroll down the page and look for the “UAString”. Select it and then change the settings to “Desktop” and click on save and close the page.
4.    Go ahead and browse to the Hulu website and there you are, Hulu in all it’s glory, working on your Android phone!

Hulu On Android
Hulu On Android

This exciting trick has been tested on the Google Nexus One phone and has worked absolutely fine. Even though the website works on the Android phone, it’s quite restricted, since the desktop version of the Hulu website doesn’t quite go well on the Android screen. Also, it’s quite obvious that Hulu will soon enough get rid of this trick and disallow the users from accessing the site in that way. So, till then, use it as much as you can!!