Invoice With Android Apps for Business Owners

Digitally sending is the preferred method of invoicing used by many small business owners who must nickel-and-dime each one of their nickles and dimes. The majority of fledgling businesses do not have their own invoicing department, meaning that this task is put on the shoulders of the owner himself or an employee, if they are fortunate enough to have expanded beyond sole-proprietorship. With these invoicing apps made for Android devices, users are able to make and send invoices anytime, anywhere, all without the assistance of a paid employee who specializes in billing.

Google Docs

With Google Docs for Android, users can make a dedicated template for invoicing that will allow them to simply input the customer’s data and billing information. After the invoice is complete, the user can either share the invoice online or send it via SMS or e-mail. Many reviewers agree that when it comes to functionality, Google Docs for Android beats the competition.

Invoice Pal

Invoice Pal is a simple invoicing app for Android devices. The design is straightforward and as with other apps, invoices can be sent to customers by e-mail for the Android phone.


This is one easy-to-use application that has a simple user interface. All of the features on PGM-Invoice are very legible and clear to discern. After setting company data and adding services and products for sale, the user only needs to input customer information to complete an invoice.


SalesTrackr lets Android users not only send invoices from their smartphone but also scan barcodes and log hours. While the effectiveness of the program’s design cannot be argued, the price for each invoice is currently 25 cents, making the total cost of sending invoices a little too much to bear for small business owners.


This is yet another simple invoicing app made for Android smartphones that is ideal for small businesses. Of course, all invoices can be sent via e-mail or SMS. Unlike some invoicing apps in the Android Market, InvoiceME includes an automatic billing status indicator and customers can view their payment status as well as look at their invoices if they possess a user ID.

Even though the invoicing apps for Android have a lot of great features, many smartphone users are still begging for an application that allows them to sync their QuickBooks software directly to their device. Rumor is among members on several Android forums is there may be one currently in development.