Losing Your Mind? – This Android App Will Help You Find It!

Everyone has bad days: you forget to cheer your friend on as they enter their first job interview. Your boss’s son might have that pesky flu bug again, and you should have sent flowers. Guess someone won’t be getting that promotion after all, eh?

What about the little things that might not be as career-threatening, like receiving back the book your friend borrowed from you and never gave it back or not forgetting to ask your friend about the new things that are going on in his life he told you about last time you talked ? There are just times where it can really feel like you’re losing your mind. Does it really have to be this way?

Not when you have the power of technology on your side. You’re already rocking that shiny new Android phone anyway, so why not put the apps to good use? It’s all about being able to get things done in a big way by using little apps to get you from one place to another.

So if you feel like you’re losing your mind and you need some glue to keep your head on your shoulders, you really need an app like Bubble to hold things together.

It’s a catchy name for a great app — Bubble’s mission is simple: give you space for personal reminders for each contact. Now, you might have heard that before on other programs, but this is different. Instead of being buried in a bunch of screens that you have to navigate to, Bubble actually makes those reminders pop up on the incoming screen when the contact in question calls you!

Don’t believe it? Check out this video:

But what about when you actually want to look at reminders before you make that important phone call so you can remember exactly what you want to say? Bubble has you covered there as well — you can review the “bubbles” (personal reminders) for each call before you make it.

In a hectic life, it can be hard to remember to add bubbles. That’s why the Bubble app covers you again by making it easy to search through your calls and tag them with bubbles so that you can add those reminders while you remember them. We all know what happens if you put it off till later — you’ll forget, and we can’t have that now can we?

Staying organized is the key to winning in life, no matter if we’re talking about the business world or the social world that we all share. You shouldn’t have to worry about being caught without having all of your preparation time — and Bubble helps you win the day. You might think that such an app would really break the bank, but that’s not the case here — Bubble is free.  You can also find Bubble app on Facebook. Why not pick up this app today?  You’ll truly be glad you did!