Make any Party Sizzle with These Hot Android Apps

Do you think that sizzling hot parties create themselves? If you do, you really need to go back and think about every last party that you’ve attended …that was actually really good. See that host off in the corner trying to move heaven in earth to get things going? That’s definitely not for show. When you are trying to host your own party, you will have to do more than sit and look charming — you have to give your guests something to do, and you have to do it fast.

Hold it — before you get worried that you won’t be able to do this, think about it — you own an Android phone, don’t you? Why should all the iPhone and Blackberry people have fun apps and you don’t? Thankfully for you, there are actually a few Android apps that will definitely give your guests something to talk about — let’s check them out, shall we?

1. SongVote — If there’s one thing that definitely gets a party going, it would have to be music. Pick the wrong music and well…your party goes flat faster than a soda bottle with the top left off for a few hours. You don’t want flat soda, and you definitely don’t want a flat party either. That’s where SongVote comes in — you can use this Android app to let your guests choose the playlist they want to hear. Hooray for democracy!

2. Spin the Bottle — OK, so this won’t be an app you pull out for every party. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, when you want a little bit of flirting and a little bit of fun, this app can help you move things in that direction without being pushy about it — nobody likes a pushy host, you know.

3. Dice — OK, so this app doesn’t win the award for Most Creative App Name of All Time. Still, if you’re trying to play a much-loved board game at a party that’s missing a few pieces, Dice comes to the rescue nicely. You can have up to six dice on the screen at any one time, which means that you should be able to play just about any game you can think of — even Dungeons and Dragons, if you wanted to get in touch with your nerd side again (we won’t tell — promise!)

4. Anyvite — Anyvite lets you create invitations on the fly. Why is this perfect at your party? Well, it keeps things sizzling nicely — once everyone is singing and eating and having a good time, they’re going to want to know where and when the next party will be. Instead of making them wait until you can get back to a computer, why not whip out Anyvite and make invitations? You probably already have everyone that’s anyone on your Contacts file to begin with, and Anyvite can quickly filter out people that would be better at an insomnia therapy center than a sizzling hot party, if you catch our drift.

Overall, you can use these apps to really get things moving along as the party progresses. Icebreakers are fun, but don’t think that your hosting duties are done — they’ve just started!