Make Your Android Phone More Enjoyable with Free Multiplayer Games

The amount of applications and games made for Android phones increases, seemingly, minute by minute.  Even so, there are still not many multiplayer games available for the Android Operating System, but there are some.  We’ve managed to find three that we think you will like.

Sketch Online is loosely based on Pictionary.  It is played in a chat room.  In the beginning, you need to choose a screen name, pick a picture, and then choose a room.  The rooms are partitioned by language and topics like animals, objects, etc.

Each player gets an item to sketch as the game progresses.  You can choose your brush size, colors, and several tools that you can use to create an image.  You can even wipe your screen and start over, if you make a mistake.  The answer to your sketch is hidden until the round ends.  When other players are sketching, you get your chance to guess.  If you guess correctly, you and the sketch artist get points.  The game moves along with players taking turns sketching and guessing.

Sketch Online for Android phones is free, with ads, or you can pay $1.50 for the ad-free version.

Cestos is a multiplayer marble game for your Android phone.  Each player controls the speed and direction of their marble.  Cestos features different maps, along which your marble will travel.  There are obstacles and hazards associated with each map.  Once the players have locked in the direction and momentum of their marbles, they are all set loose simultaneously.  The result is chaotic and highly entertaining.  Cestos is an easy game to play, but there is enough of a strategic element to keep it interesting.  The more players you can get onboard at once, the better the round. You can download Cestos free of charge for your Android phone.

Parallel Kingdoms
is a multi-player role playing game.  The exceptional feature of Parallel Kingdoms is that it is played by overlapping real time Google maps.  Parallel Kingdoms is played at your physical location.  Your locality is constantly being updated from your GPS position.  Your character can move in a small radius without you having to physically change location, but if you want your character to move farther, you will have to get up and go to the location.  The game allows players to collect different items on the map and claim Kingdoms.  It is free to download.