Make your Traveling easier with an Android Phone

Most of the best things about the new revolution that is happening in the world of technology is mostly happening in the cell phone arena. We have turned our cell phones from little communication devices, to full on workstations. Now, you are able to carry a device that has the power of a computer from a few years ago in your pocket. The amount of things that can be done with this kind of power is extraordinary. Some of the phones leading the way in this smart phone revolution are phones based on the android operating system. With the smooth touch screen interface, you are able to do multiple things on the phone while you are away from the office. This is what makes phones such as these, great to travel with. Let’s go over a couple of reasons why you would do well using an android phone while you travel to distant places.

The first reason why you would want an Android phone for your traveling needs, is the service providers problem. Where the iPhone only allows phones to be legally connected to the ATT network, with an Android, you can use several different service providers. To get similar functionality out of the iPhone, you must have a phone that is jail broken. The Android phone providers also offer great network coverage for your data plans. You can access the internet no matter how far out you are. Where ATT has gotten complaints, especially with their data usage in major cities, if the carrier that you are with is not satisfactory, then you can just switch to another one.

Another reason why the Android phone is good for traveling, is the ability to do work on it. You have at your disposal, multiple applications that you can use to get work done on the Android phone while you travel. If your job consist of a lot of data, then the Android phone would be perfect. These phones are especially made to consume, manipulate and create data. You wouldn’t have to lug around a huge laptop wherever you went. You could use the laptop at the hotel that you are staying in, and then use the phone when you are on the go. That would make things a whole lot easier.

The last reason why you should use the Android phone for when you travel is the entertainment factor. Not only can you watch movies and listen to music on the phone, you can play high quality 3D level games on it as well. The 3D game engine on the newer Android phones are way higher than any other phone out there right now. Again, there is no reason why you should have to pull out your heavy laptop, anytime you want be entertained while traveling. You can whip out your phone and you will not disturb your fellow passengers that are sitting next to you.

As we said before, there are a lot of reasons why you would want to use an Android phone when you are taking a long trip. We have given you a few to think about.  Once you start to use the Android phone we are sure that you can think of a whole lot more.