Mark My Words Free Brings Out Your Inner Trivia Nerd – Not That You Mind!

OK, we admit to being biased. We’re really into anything brainy that lets us flex our nerdy side. It just can’t be helped. There are some good apps out there for this sort of thing, but we had to stop and write about Mark My Words Free.

This is all about figuring out well known phrases in terms of who actually quoted them first. You have to use your own knowledge and a few clues — but it’s harder than it appears.

When we checked out Mark My Words, we were really impressed by the artwork. This is a free app that really stretches the boundaries of free by delivering solid quality. You’re not going to be disappointed downloading this one.

Be sure that you check for device compatibility in Google Play — it’ll lead to a great experience.

You get 4 clues for each quote, which we found pretty generous. There’s no need to feel like you’re going to be stumped. There were some obvious ones, some not so obvious ones, and everything in between.

If you want something a little brainier than the classic “race” or “brickbreaking” games, then this game is definitely more your speed.

One thing that we really liked is that you have access to a premium version — Mark My Words Pro. You get even more quotes and it’s just a nice way to support the hard work it takes to deliver such a quality app to Android. At $2.99, it’s really a no brainer purchase anyway.

If your friends don’t get your sense of humor, or really get into all of the trivia games out there, this is y our chance to “unplug” a bit from what they think and just go your own way. While they’re playing something that doesn’t take much skill, you get to flex your knowledge and entertain yourself on a completely different level.

It’s up to you — but we definitely enjoyed the app, and we are definitely going to see what other apps come down the pipeline from here. It’s obvious that the developer knows what they’re doing, so we want MORE! 🙂 Check it out for yourself!