MoneySupermarket Launch Android Car Insurance App

Many people use the MoneySupermarket car insurance comparison site in order to save money the next time that they have to renew their policy. However, if you have a smartphone then using the full desktop site can be quite fiddly, making it difficult to get quotes when you are on the move.

To address this issue, has released its first car-insurance price-comparison application for Android smartphones. It is one of the first apps of its kind which does not charge users for the privilege of finding quotes and can be downloaded free from the Android Market right now.

The app lets you check up on the latest quotes from many different providers, so you can save some quite a bit of money. 35 per cent of MoneySupermarket customers saved over £379 on their car insurance in 2011. You can get exactly the same quotes on your phone as you would on your home PC, so there is no real reason to choose the latter when going portable provides more flexibility.

Of course, if you are on the move then you will usually be multitasking rather than concentrating all of your attention on your car-insurance renewal. To accommodate the stop-start nature of mobile use, the app will automatically save your details and your quotes so that you can jump back into using it where you last left off.

As with the desktop site, this comparison app will need information about you and your car in order to get accurate quotes from a multitude of insurers. But since the app can save your information, you only need to enter this once and change it as appropriate when you want to renew further down the line.

Insurers are ranked on the annual cost of the premium, although you can also see a monthly breakdown if you prefer to pay for your insurance on that basis and avoid a large upfront payment. The app even takes into account the fact that Android handsets can be used to make phone calls, so you can ring up insurers from within the software itself to discuss a quote and even go through with a deal then and there.

Quotes are pulled down through Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity, so Android owners can either hook up to a hotspot or take advantage of their monthly data allowance to browse the various deals. In addition, you can gain access to quotes from your PC or other web-ready device later, which makes it easier to retrieve and consider what has been put on the table by insurers even if your Android handset is not immediately at hand.

MoneySupermarket makes a promise to customers about data security, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your information is not being improperly used or inadequately protected. This should further improve your experience of comparing car-insurance prices.