Motorola Droid Review

Motorola has recreated themselves with the Motorola Droid. With the new life that this new smartphone has pumped into the company, you can expect more new things right around the corner. For now, take a look at the fact and features on this phone here.

The man who created smartphones, Martin Cooper, has the top knowledge on cell phones and he chooses to use a Motorola Droid. Is it just for marketing purposes ? The Droid has both a nice screen and a nice keyboard, backed up by lots of power and a great operating system. It is definitely the “cream of the crop” as far as smartphones go. Martin Cooper was probably dreaming of this twenty years ago.

The screen is luscious and bright. The resolution is way up there at 480 by 854 pixels. It is a very respectable 3.7 inches in size. It also has one of the highest number of colors you can get in a smartphone at 16.7 million colors. It performs all the “tricks” that a smartphone of this stature should be able to do. Multitouch allows you to pinch and zoom ( with android version 2.1 ), an accelerometer allows you to view the screen at vertical or horizontal angles and a proximity sensor shuts it down automatically when you are not using it. There are no negative surprises with the display.

Motorola Droid
Motorola Droid

The inside workings of the Motorola Droid are just as impressive. It has a 600 megahertz processor, 133 megabytes of internal storage and 256 megabytes of RAM. It connects to four different GSM bands and two on HSDPA for voice communication. For data communication there is everything you would need, except infrared, which people hardly use anyway. Wi-Fi is available in the “B” and “G” modes. Bluetooth connections have one protocol, the v2.1, with A2DP. The web browser connects to the web and give a good rendition of web pages. The browser is the WebKit model, which is a high quality browser with a good bit of speed. 

The one thing that has rejuvenated Motorola is the all-important operating system in their new phones. The Droid was the first phone to use the android 2.0 version. It should already have been updated to the 2.1 version. This operating system is three-mile-island hot, and has got to be the biggest buzz in the mobile world right now. It gains around 333 new applications per day. Why all the fuss ? It is simple, you can get it for free and it is just as good as other operating systems in smartphones. You can save money, improve productivity, track your contacts ( literally, using GPS ) and even download slightly illegal things. It also is able to wipe all the personal information from the phone with a pre-arranged text message. This is for those who lose or have their Droid stolen.

The camera on the Motorola Droid takes great pictures and has five megapixels of power. It comes with all the goodies you need with digital zoom, geotagging, LED flash, autofocus and white balance control. The camera also takes video at a very nice 24 frames per second. The maximum length of a regular video is thirty minutes. The maximum for an MMS video-message is thirty seconds.

In real-life testing the Droid is right up there in speed and web browsing capabilities. It can load the CNN web page in seventeen seconds. The keyboard is manufactured to high quality standards as is the rest of the phone. If you have gotten accustomed to high call quality with Motorola phones you will not be disappointed with the Droid. The Droid weighs 170 grams or six ounces if you are in the United States. That is more than most smartphones, but it is still thin; just over half an inch or 14 millimeters. The only negative thing that can be mentioned is that the battery runs out quickly. With all the power the Droid shows, that is a forgivable trait. The overall rating for this smartphone is very high. If Martin Cooper can be happy with a Motorola Droid, it is highly likely you will be also.