New to the Android Application Universe – Here Are Five Apps to Get Your Feet Wet

The Android has become one of the most sought after consumer products since the iPhone. Aside from being a smart phone, it also exists as an extremely useful mobile tool if you make the most out of the application options. As an example, let’s examine five different apps to break you in a little.


For the Twitter-heads Android offers Twidroid which is a mobile application to the social networking giant Twitter (obviously). Even though it currently lacks the support for multi-accounts, it still allows you to navigate around the site as if you were sitting at your laptop or desk top. Any Twitter user will instantly fall in love with the ability to stay connected while on the move.

WordPress for Android

As blogging gets bigger and bigger with the correlation to Internet marketing and everyday information in general, we have WordPress for Android. With a very simple navigation system, WordPress allows you to publish new posts, approve comments, edit pages etc. Being a blogger will only get easier with this application and keep your interests mobile.

Google Shopper

Price comparing is made easy with Google Shopper. It truly is something out of a Star Trek movie.  Even though simple in design and idea it supports the ability to scan barcodes and automatically search for information regarding the product – prices, reviews, ratings, and other related products. Makes wondering if you’re paying too much a thing of the past.


Translate is a mobile version of the Google program Google Translator. Perfect for any traveler or person interested in, or in need of, communicating with people who have language barriers. It offers 150 language pairs and translates into English or your native language – pretty neat, to say the least.

Notepad Apps

Notepad apps can be invaluable, however, due to their dull tone and basic design, we rarely use them. Google takes this a step farther and uses AK Notepad which spices up the interface and makes it a more fun/friendly app to use as opposed to the traditional notepad.

The Google apps will do nothing but evolve over the next several years and if you are currently seeking an Android, or interested in learning more about applications and the functions they offer, the Internet is the best place to start. You can learn everything there is to know about the creation, development, and purpose of any Android app.