O2 – The History of the Brand

O2 is one of the most successful brands in the history of branding. In fact since 2006 it belongs to Telefónica Europe plc though originally it  was formed from BT Wireless and Genie Internet both of which were spin-offs of British Telecommunications, of BT.

BT Wireless was in fact a conglomeration of telecoms companies from all over the world. These included amongst others BT Cellnet, Digifone of Ireland, Viag Interkom pf Germany, Telfort of the Netherlands, and ?eský Telecom of the Czech Republic.

To state that Telefonica is a large organisation would be an understatement. The company employs 250,000 professionals, operates in twenty five countries, has revenues of nearly €57 billion. As well as the O2 and Telefonica brands it also has Movistar and Terra as separate brand identities.

The O2 brand was conceived as O2 being the chemical symbol for oxygen, and indication that it was something that was fundamentally essential for life. The braqnd was perceived to offer promise, prized values and inspiration.

They say that they are a breathe of fresh air that places customer experience as their principal focal point. They claim that the brand is dynamic in everything it does and says, that it provides open space for new thinking, that it is well trusted by customers and that it is clear in how it talks to its customers.

O2 are now one of the market leaders in providing contracts and services for new mobile phones and internet services.