Presentation Ready – Check Out the EasyPPT App!

Look, let’s get real for a second. Even if you hate presentations, there‚Äôs nothing that’s going to get rid of them once and for all. Need to impress a new round of investors? Surprise, you’re going to have to give a presentation or two to seal the deal. There’s just no getting around your need to handle presentations with ease. If you have a smartphone already, why not make your life easier?

Convenience is worth checking out, and that’s why we had to check out the EasyPPT. It’s an app that does what it says it does — gets you the power to control your presentation via your phone.

You can also remotely connect to your PC and control the presentation directly, if you wanted to.

What’s convenient about the app is that it works well with smartphones like the Galaxy S III, that has a pen to go with the device. The app responds to pen pressure, which means that you can even make annotations as you present your presentation.

If you write on the phone screen, the markings will show up. You can also take photos and even turn pages.

Could you imagine having to give a presentation on the go and not being able to take your laptop along? Believe it or not, it happens a lot more than you can imagine. The best approach then would be to get an app that can adapt itself to your environment.

When you are really having more presentations than you know what to do with, why wouldn’t you want to make things easier?
Just manipulating the presentation from the phone would be cool, but this app goes one step further. You can actually manipulate it from the PC itself. All you have to do is download a small file and then connect to a specific IP address with your phone. The app will handle the rest of it.

We love apps that are creative like this but also serving a deep need that everyone can relate to.

It’s a free app, but if you’re on the fence, think of it this way — it’s designed to help you. Surely there’s no real harm in testing it out for yourself, right? Why not look into it today while it’s on your mind?