RPG Games That Can Be Played on Android Phones

Nowadays mobile phone games look a lot better than in the past. The first evolution came with the addition of cameras and everything continued to grow. Now we started to see the Internet being taken advantage of and what is interesting is the fact that there are some games that are available for Android phones that look really good and are technologically advanced. There are even some smart phones that have been especially created in order to be used for mobile gaming like Xperia Play. It features similar controls to the PS3 and PSP and uses advanced technology to offer a unique gaming experience.

There are not many RPG games that are currently available for mobile phone play. One of the most popular at the moment is Zenonia 2. It is a Japanese RPG that is extremely similar to Final Fantasy games that appeared in the early nineties. It features 2D graphics that are really good and we are in front of one of the best RPG games that are currently available for Android phones. It is inspired by RPGs that are popular in Japan but is made in Korea.

Another RPG game that works on Android is Gurk. It is one that will always be appreciated by people that grew in the eighties. We are in front of a video game that only occupies 100kb but the action it offers is quite impressive. Even if the graphics do look old, they are color and the game is a blast to play. It will feature 23 monsters and 24 levels to go through. Gurk is definitely not a game that will be appreciated by a modern gamer but if you remember playing fondly on that old Nintendo system, you will most likely appreciate this one too.

The last really popular RPG game that should be mentioned is Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. It is highly similar to Baldur’s Gate and Torchlight and for most Android phones, the game will be available for free. Graphics are 3D and they do look really attractive for a game that will cost you nothing to play. The only problem is that it will borrow different elements from popular RPG games but we do not expect this to be a problem.

At the moment the choice of RPG games for the fan that has an Android phone is limited but gaming companies did announce that this is going to soon change.