Search for the Holy Grail of Phones

When it comes to buying a new phone most people automatically think iPhone, but are you surprised? Apple has dominated the market when it comes to style and functionality of the mobile phone and ushered in a new era for handheld technology. However, landline phones seems to be left out in the cold and as there is no stand out market leader meaning there is still plenty of choice in the area.

The last development we had in the world of landline phones was making them cordless so it’s easier to roam around the house and chat – an imitation of mobile phones. Popular electronic manufacturers are active in the landline handset market such as Samsung, Panasonic and Siemens among others. The wide variety of options available can make the search for a new phone hard with the large amount of choice available, but you will find that there is always one that suits your requirements in terms of functionality as well as style.

The evolution of telecommunication has been fast and currently finds itself in a golden age and one can only speculate as to when the focus moves from mobile technology over to home phones. Of course the reason for certain functions is different, but it would be great to combine both your mobile and your home phone on one handset. This would allow us to cut costs on our bills and plus we’d have charging stations located throughout our homes. Perhaps this is a big leap – not one the phone companies would be keen on either – but already many people are abandoning landline phones and only using their mobiles as their main point of contact.

Perhaps my prophecy of the landline phone Armageddon is a bit premature and currently I only see people who live on their own or couples really benefitting from removing a landline phone from their home. Families will find that one phone number is easier to keep everyone connected plus the fact some children are too young to have phones in general.

With my insight to what is on the horizon landlines phones should set for a technological boost in order reconnect people with, what phone companies feel, is the importance of having a home phone. One current benefit to home phones compared to mobile phones is the tremendous gap in cost, so if you’re looking to replace an old set I suggest doing it soon!