Start Up Shows Software For Android Smartphone

Google (NSDQ: GOOG)’s Android handset project got its first stack of open source Linux software Monday, according to an announcement from A La Mobile, a startup company that said it has successfully demonstrated its platform on HTC’s Qtek 9090 smartphone.

The announcement was made by A La Mobile’s president and CEO, Pauline Lo Alker, a West Coast high-tech serial entrepreneur. The software includes a browser, phone dialer, audio player, maps, camera, games, calendar, contacts manager, calculator, tasks manager, and notes.

A La Mobile, which had been developing Linux mobile software for handsets before the founding of the Android Open Handset Alliance last year, is not a member of the 30-member, Google-inspired Android. But HTC is a member.Alker said that A La Mobile’s platform will cut the time to market of Android handsets in half.

“We believe it is our responsibility to take the initiative to allay the ‘mystery’ and dispel any skepticism surrounding Android by first demonstrating a complete mobile Linux system stack, including drives, middleware, and a suite of Android-based applications,” Alker said in a statement.

A La Mobile indicated it will fill gaps in the Android program by providing framework and application programming interfaces that will attract third-party developers to create unified applications. A La Mobile noted that the Android effort’s planned release of source code bodes well for the alliance, but that Android has lacked a complete off-the-shelf software stack.

A La Mobile is backed by Venrock Associates, a venture capital firm that has funded several successful high-tech companies. Alker has led a series of successful startups including Counterpoint Computers, which was acquired by Acer. She had several positions at Acer, including president of Acer America’s sales and marketing. She is a director of Tektronix.

Source: InformationWeek