The Best and Worst Free Android Games

The users of HTC Magic, T-Mobile G1, and other Android phones will be happy to know that are many Android Market games to download, and they are all free.  So, the following will tell you which games to play and which games are just a waste of time.

Mahjong.  This Japanese matching game stays true to the original.  However, the only device compatible with Mahjong is the touchscreen.  Because the images are so small, it is unfortunately too difficult to use, unless you have small, thin fingers.

Mem.  This memory game is much like Simon Says.  You must choose the correct icons displayed as fast as you can.  Unlike Mahjong, it works great with touchscreens, and Mem makes some cool, crazy sounds.  But, as far as long-term playability goes, this game does not have that appeal.

Minspace War.  This is a 2D shooting type game; the control surface is the phone’s mini keypad.  The positive: great graphics.  The negative: controls are too confusing.  It really is not worth the download time; however, if it was compatible with laptops or game consoles, it would be a great game.

MisMisMatch.  This puzzle game seems simple, but it is actually a wonderful brainteaser.  The object of the game is to select unpaired boxes by finger that are spread out over a grid in order to make a match.  Once a pair is found, the matching boxes are taken out.  There are several modes of difficulty to challenge the player and a tutorial mode to easily introduce the player to the game.

Namco’s Pac-Man.  Most of us fondly remember that yellow ball/person that was first introduced in the 1970’s.  The only activity Pac-Man was ever interested in was hanging out in that maze so he could eat those delicious lines of dots.  This version brings back all of those nostalgic feelings, but the touchscreen does not make it practical for playing.

Pop Pop Popcorn.  In the game, Pop Pop Popcorn, your finger acts as the heating element.  The point is to heat the popcorn until it pops, while taking care not to burn the surrounding kernels.  This games is definitely superior to many other Android touchscreen games.

Santa’s War on Terror.  This is a platform game that side scrolls, and its “war on terror” theme appeals to the Western world.  Even though the thought of the game is amusing, the graphics are not; in fact, they are quite disappointing.  And, controlling old St. Nick is a real pain.  Stay away from this one.

TxtSpeed.  TxtSpeed is a game where words scroll from one side of the screen to the other.  As soon as you see one, you must type the word.  It gets tiresome after a short while, but it can be useful for learning to use the mini QWERTY keypad.