Three Android Security Apps That Will Keep Your Device Safe

Most Android users tend to store tons of data on their devices, data they want kept safe. Besides running the risk of strangers getting access to your personal information, replacing an Android can be a costly expense. And after replacing it, you still need to reload all of your old data and applications. This makes the following three apps invaluable to your Android’s safety.


Lookout is a great application with many excellent features, such as a firewall, intrusion protection and antivirus software. But even though this application has many tools, it still takes up little space on the Android, allowing the device to run smoothly. If you happen to misplace your phone or realize it is stolen, you can simply log onto the Internet through any computer and track its whereabouts. In addition to these features, Lookout also has the ability to backup data such as e-mails, videos, pictures, text messages and contacts.


This application is quite different than the Lookout app mentioned above. Protector lets the user apply password protection to the Android apps and features of their choice. A password can be applied to virtually anything – e-mails, Settings, SMS, Gmail, Notepad, Calender, Chat and much more. If you want to get increasingly specific, it is possible to assign a password to specific functions within an application, allowing you to further safeguard your device. Any app with a password will still be locked tight even when using the Task Manager.

Even better, if someone attempts to uninstall the Protector app, they must use the PIN code with which it is associated. However, the only downside to this particular feature is that the PIN can never be recovered. So if you do decide to get rid of this app, you cannot do it if you forget the PIN; be sure to write it down and put it somewhere safe.


WaveSecure is an Android app with some similarities to Lookout. With WaveSecure, the user can block their phone from accessing the Internet so that if the phone is lost or stolen, it becomes useless to the person who has it. It also allows the user to activate an alarm and show a message. In addition, you can track the phone, back it up from a remote computer or set its auto-backup function. What WaveSecure offers as opposed to its Lookout counterpart is that WaveSecure will allow you to to wipe out any data stored in the phone by logging onto the Internet through a computer.