Top 10 financial applications for Droid X

Among the many features of the Motorola Droid X, it can also function as a money management device thanks to the myriad of financial assistance applications that are supported by the Android platform. Some of the best financial applications are as follows:

1. Loot

Loot is an application that emulates a cheque book on the phone. There is no link with the accounts for automatic updates but you can setup an account each time and add and subtract the money that comes in or goes out. The UI is extremely easy to use with a black background with white text and the layout is minimalist.

2. DroidSense

This application is for those users who have an income from a Google AdSense account. The data is collected over the past three days in the free version of the application and is great for analyzing daily statistics but not much more than that.

3. My Coupons

Many top brands in various industries release promotional coupons for online purchases which offer handsome discounts. This app updates daily with a list of coupon codes for various brands and sites. You can even share these coupon codes through social networking sites through the app itself.

4. Pocket Auctions

This app is the ultimate eBay app for the Droid X and features every aspect of the eBay website including categories and the advanced search options present on the full version of the site. This app also supports barcode images, allowing you to take photographs of barcodes and then using the app to find the product on eBay.

5. Share Event Expenses

This is a community application that is built on stories of people who lost money by making the wrong investments or overspending. It helps in tracking cash flows and share and stock expenses. Moreover, it can also be used as an alternate finance tracking application.

6. ChicagoAgent CA

For those Droid X users who are into the realty business, this is an ideal application. It handles all the numbers relating to the real estate opportunities in nearby localities which are updated in real time through the Internet. It also calculates estimates and precision net sheets in the Droid X itself.

7. TipCalc

It’s always a little awkward while tipping at a restaurant; especially when you don’t know what an appropriate tip should be. This application handles all that for you based on the percentage you decide and even gives an optimum split based on the number of parties at the dinner table.

8. Financisto

Financisto is an open source finance manager. It can handle projects, budgets and multiple accounts that can be sorted into a hierarchy based on their respective importance. It can also handle recurring deposits and other types of bank accounts.

9. Currency Converter

This is an ideal app for the globetrotter. Load it onto the Droid X and use its vast database of currency rates that are updated in real time. The layout is simple but the data is vast and it shows conversions both into and from a default currency which you can choose.

10. AutoLoan Calculator

Figure out how much your monthly loan payments are for your car with this handy application that handles all the data, the interest rates and the premiums. It also gives notifications for the due date of the loans so you won’t miss a deadline and end up paying more than you ideally should.

Studies have shown that when many businesses fail, it is largely due to poor financial management. Therefore, we hope that with those best chosen Droid X’s Applications, you will get the keys to the long-term success of your business: not only having sufficient capital and financing, but also properly managing your finances. The list will be kept updated! So, Stay in touch!

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