Top 5 Apps for Android

New apps are added to the Android marketplace on a daily basis, meaning that it can be difficult to sift through them all and determine what the best apps for your personal productivity actually are. Below, you will find a list of the top 5 apps currently available for Android to help get the most out of your smartphone.

Google Goggles:

It’s an app like Google Goggles that can really make you realize how far modern technology has come in the past few years. Google Goggles allows users to take photographs of historical monuments, business cards, products, and even landmarks and through the Google search engine, gives all relevant information about a product that a user might need. In a restaurant and would like to know the history of the Heinz ketchup bottle sitting next to your plate? Google Goggles has you covered.


If you have Dropbox installed on your home computer, you probably already know the ease of use of being able to automatically sync your files between computers. With dropbox on your Android phone, you can automatically have access to all of the files that were updated on your home computer without having to work your way through the complicated process of emailing files to yourself or syncing them via an SD card.


For travelers out there, TripIt is an indispensable resource. TripIt allows users to forward their confirmation emails for flights, rental cars, and hotels to their TripIt account and have the app automatically organize everything you need to know about your travel plans in this easy to use app. That means that instead of fumbling around with crumpled papers in your briefcase or backpack, your smartphone can be your personal organizer and keep you on track for flights, cars, and travel plans no matter how frequently you travel.


We’ve all had those moments where we’re standing in the grocery store, or sitting in the car, listening to a song that we can’t quite figure out who it’s by. Shazam allows you to simply hold your smartphone in the air and let the song play into the microphone. Shazam looks through its endless database of songs and tells you the name and information of the song that you’re hearing. Truly remarkable and helpful for those moments when you can’t just Google the lyrics or ask your friend if they remember who it’s by either.

Barcode Scanner:

The real beauty behind Android’s ability to recognize things like barcodes and products is the ability to save money while you’re shopping in the store. The barcode scanner lets you scan barcodes, and in an instant, you are redirected to the web where you can find deals, reviews, and information about the product you’re looking at. This is a great way to figure out if the store you’re in has a huge markup, or if it’s worthwhile to take the plunge and buy from the traditional brick and mortar you’re in.