Two Android Apps for Cooking and Recipes

Because dining out can become cumbersome and the cost can quickly add up for those who frequently order take-out food or visit restaurants, most people prefer to make and eat the majority of their meals at home. Of course, making a meal that an entire household will enjoy is sometimes challenging to the home chef but with the Android cooking and recipe applications in this article, it does not have to be that way.

Big Oven: by Big Oven

A lot of Android device users find Big Oven a simple-to-use app with an eye-catching interface, describing the using experience as similar to browsing the pages of a traditional cooking magazine. Users have a multitude of meal options by choosing from the approximate 170,000 recipes that are also shown on the website Although there are many recipes from which to pick, users can search by “favorites” or even “ingredients.” In addition, the Big Oven app offers the Leftover Wizard that lets them insert any three ingredients in order to see available recipes that can be created with the user’s selections. The Leftover Wizard not only makes finding the perfect recipe a snap but also aids in saving money by preventing the waste of tossed leftovers.

But this application does not just stop at recipe searches; the community at Big Oven consists of others who are also in search of wonderful recipes. People in the Network provide information such as dinner suggestions and reviews for existing recipes, all of which make it easy to decide on a meal. Users are also able to create menus and shopping lists on their Android phone.

What’s For Dinner: by Iso Dev

Even though this application takes a little bit of time to setup and input the user’s recipes, it is definitely well-worth the time spent. With What’s for Dinner, the Android user can enter all of their family’s favorite recipes into their device and when they to find a recipe, they are able to search by either recipe or ingredients. Also, this app allows the user to keep track of recipes their family enjoys, or doesn’t, as well as current sales.

Either one of the above cooking and recipe Android apps is ideal for anyone wishing to save time and money. Although most people consider smartphones to be the new way of keeping in touch with friends, family and business associates as well as playing fun games and streamlining business operations, there is so much more one can do with their device.