What You Should Know about Android G1 Phones

Many people are happily clueless when it comes to technology. But while ignorance may be bliss, it also usually holds people back and should be overcome. Android phones are not part human. That is simply the name that Google gave to the phones that utilize Google’s mobile operating system called Android. It is the Internet giant’s entry into the world of mobile phones.

Not that many people have Android phones yet. There is actually only one model, the G1. Released in late 2008, the G1 is the only phone that supports the Android operating system. While there may be other Android enabled phones in the future, the G1 is the only option right now. The phone itself is fairly reasonably priced at under $200.

Android G1 Phones
Android G1 Phones

Perhaps the greatest thing about the Android G1 phone is that the coding for it is open source. What that means is that users can have access to the code and change it. There are some restrictions to doing this, but it is a new and welcome option in the world of phones. Google has set certain parts of the code to be off limits to the public, so the code isn’t fully open. But most of it is, and that’s way more than any other phone provider allows.

While other prototype phones have been developed, the G1 is the only Android phone you can get your hands on. No other prototypes have been released. If you spot another phone running the Android operating system, it’s probably not a phone offered by any of the major wireless providers.

The thing that everyone naturally wants to know is, is the G1 Android phone worth your money?

The answer is an emphatic yes. To put it briefly, the advantages of this phone outweigh the disadvantages enough to make it a great thing to buy. Since they cost under $200, they are already much less expensive than other phones with similar features. The difference is that the Android G1 has a full QWERTY keyboard. This is a fantastic bonus to the touch screen, because most touch screens don’t have a physical keypad.

While some people have complained that the G1’s QWERTY keyboard isn’t as spiffy as it could be, it is definitely better than the alternative, which would be no keypad at all. The keyboard, along with its fully operational open source operating system, are enough by themselves to make the Android G1 phone a great choice.

Remaining in the dark about improvements to technology means never finding out about great developments like the G1 Android phone. It is a powerful technological advance because it is the first phone with a new operating system that is designed with user improvements in mind. While this is enough of a selling point, also keep in mind that similar phones cost nearly twice as much. While the G1 is the only Android phone on the market right now, it will certainly be followed by many more improved models.

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