What You Should Know About the Android E-Reader by Kobo

Kobo Vox is a very interesting e-reader device that has been launched by Kobo. It is suitable for many different user types and it will integrate different communication, web browsing and social networking features in an e-reader. This is a device that is similar to others on the market in the sense that all the basic functions that you expect are going to be included. You can easily read electronic books without having to use a PC and the favorite book can be read wherever you go.

Kobo Vox will offer a color screen and this is one feature that has been demanded by different e-readers. The screen will allow you to read eBooks with ease and the same goes for any other document that includes pictures and color graphics. Even if this is a new device, it does not actually have something that is truly revolutionary. It is hard to do this anyway since basic functions is all that most people use.

One of the biggest advantages of Kobo Vox is the fact that it uses Android as an operating system. At the moment the device is marketed as a social e-reader and it is the first one on the market from this point of view. It will feature different unique apps that will make sharing info with other people a lot easier. Users can easily connect with different social networks like Twitter and Facebook by simply clicking a button. It is really easy to comment on books online thanks to some applications.

It can be said that the social features of Kobo Vox is what makes the device really interesting. Many users will appreciate this since you can communicate with other people and you can spot recommendations made. The truth is that all the different applications that can be included will transform the device into a tablet PC and not necessarily an e-reader. However, this is what people really want to see at the moment and there is a growing trend in including as many apps as possible and Internet applications will always be popular together with social networking applications.

The bottom line is that Kobo Vox is a useful e-reader that you might want to seriously look at. It offers all that you need when referring to eBook reading and you will definitely appreciate the additions that were mentioned above. Keep in mind that buying online will bring in a better price tag.