Where Google Androids Future Is Headed

The complete software system, Google Android, is useable on many types of mobiles: phones, PDAs, et cetera.  This is developed by the big names in consumer electronics, such as Google, Motorola, Samsung, Intel, LG, HTC, and several others.  However, Google was the first company in this conglomerate to begin the creation of this system with the goal of bringing one, open standard for every mobile device.  Then, when other businesses joined in, an alliance was born: OHA, or Open Handset Alliance.

The very first Android platform, made with Linux Kernel 2.6, soon came to fruition.  This platform brought the OHA promoters, Sony, Ericsson, Vodafone, and Toshiba Corp, much applause.  As 2008 came to a close, the open source Android was released to the public.  This platform is modified to be used with larger VGA, graphic libraries in 2D and 3D, and MP3s on basic open licenses. 

Google Android has already begun to be snapped up by other companies.  Acer has plans to produce the Android handset, and both Vodafone and Samsung are considering following suit.  As long as the market predictions come true, there will be a lot more companies wanting to get in on this operating system.  Currently, Hewlett-Packard is manufacturing smaller computers that use this software headed by Google.  Plus, there are other top companies that have decided to use Android’s services to take advantage of this new technology’s various platforms.

Consumers will be able to look forward to more Google Android based products being made available because efforts are now underway to manufacture them with the help of hardware fabricators across the globe.  As a matter of fact, the net books by Linux, which will include this system, should be introduced soon.  Then, there are T-Mobile’s home phones as well as Tablet Computers; they both will also include Google Android.  Slowly but surely, Google Android will become a more formidable competitor against Microsoft, the operating system monopoly.  And, Google, who is quickly becoming a leader in the online search platform arena, is now going head to head with Microsoft.  Despite this, Microsoft is still safe from other competitors, at least for now.  However, experts are careful when stating that net books will cut into Microsoft’s profits.

Also, quite a few of the top PC companies are planning to integrate Google Android into their products.  The market trends are presently showing that Google Android will be used more and more as an entire software group for mobile devices.  Just like other technologies, the future outlook for Google Android is high, since it is changing the way the market looks at handsets and other wireless devices.  The predictions are positive; despite Microsoft, Android will one day soon claim a large chunk of the mobile market share.