Which Android Phone is best for Bingo?

There are so many different Android phones on the market, each from different developers. They all have their own individual specifications to be aware of, which can make them great or not so great to play bingo on. The following phones are the ones that we think are the very best for Android bingo.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones are some of the best Android phones around. The Galaxy S8 is a powerful phone with a brilliant screen for all of your bingo needs. If you want to splash out then you can go for the Plus version, which has a rounded screen for extra versatility.

This is the closest competitor to the Apple iPhone series and many believe that these phones are actually better. There are lots of advantages to using these for bingo, including power saving modes which can keep you going at your favourite bingo sites for the longest possible amount of time.

The storage on these phones is also quite big, which means that if you’re a fan of using apps then you won’t have to worry about running out of space. There’s even a quick charge option that can have you playing at full charge in a flash.

OnePlus 5

This Chinese manufactured phone comes with a very affordable price and a range of great features. It’s a simple enough smartphone but still powerful for the gamers out there. It has a 1080p HD screen, which at its full brightness will make any bingo or slot game pop.

This phone is all about giving you value for money without compromising on performance, which will be sure to appeal to any bingo player. It even has a fingerprint scanner, which you can use to keep your online bingo accounts secure without having to type in a password.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

If you’re looking for a premium bingo experience then this really is your best bet. It has a massive 4K screen which will make every game look pretty much amazing, you can even put it on your television screen with an HDMI connection.

Although this is a performance focused phone, the battery life won’t let you down. This is a great all-rounder as a phone and there’s even a cheaper version of it too. This has a smaller screen but it’s still super powerful too.


Another cool and innovative phone, this Android phone features squeezable sides to allow you to launch selected apps instantly. If you’re a big bingo fan then you can have different apps available to launch from different parts of the phone. This is ideal for those that use a few operators and the internal storage is also large enough to accommodate this.

It’s a nice, slim phone too and won’t take up a lot of space in your pocket. There’s even a scratch resistant screen for those that can be a bit haphazard with their phone.

If you’re an Android aficionado then we’d suggest taking these phones for a spin. Then, just pick a compatible site and you’ll be ready to play.