Wi-Fi On the Go is Easy with Smart Wi-Fi Pro!

Are you thinking about going on the road? Wi-Fi and travel are two peas in a very classic pod situation. You want to travel but you still want to make sure that you’re connected to everything that matters.

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you already know what a pain it can be to even get to a great Wi-Fi access point. Maybe you found an open access point, but you can’t seem to connect to any pages. Or maybe you’re presented with a long list of networks, but you need to have the best one. Trying to flip through it on the settings screen can be a waste of time — surely there’s a better way, right?

Absolutely! Meet Smart Wi-Fi Pro, the app that strives to make the travel experience a little less painful. Instead of wondering whether or not you’re going to be able to connect to an access point, the app gives you the immediate access you need to the best access point. If you’re going to be traveling through the same area over and over again, the app will prioritize the best AP for you automatically.

Another feature that we liked: battery sparing. Everyone knows that Wi-Fi tends to eat battery life like it’s going out of style, but this app automatically turns off Wi-Fi when you’re out of range. That means that you aren’t going to find your battery gone an hour later just because you forgot to turn the signal off.

One of the top problems with public Wi-Fi is that you never know whether or not you will actually be able to surf the Web or connect to all of your data-loving apps properly. This app goes ahead of you and makes sure that you will not only be able to get connected to the access point, but you’ll be able to use the Internet as well.

This app is $2.50 for the full version with the easy to use interface, but there is also a free demo to try before you buy the full one. We honestly feel that at $2.50 this app is just too good not to get the full version from the beginning — check it out today!