The hot new "thing" in the mobile device market—Android Application Development.  Experts are predicting that it will be the most prized asset to world of mobiles.  Android Application Development allows people to create leading and compelling applications for every mobile user.

Today, users desire sharper features out of their mobile phones.  So, mobile phone developers are trying to meet the demands of the user by making strong, quality mobile phone applications; this is why the Android Application is considered the best option.  It is a powerful, automatic platform for creating mobile applications, with the capability of transforming the way the mobile device looks, feels, and functions.

With Android, developers can quickly make some of the best mobile applications with ease.  The open source software program and operating system for mobile phones, Android, is made using the Linux Kernel system.  A system created by Google and Open Handset Alliance.  ...continue reading Android Application Development: Creating Cutting-Edge Applications For The Marketing Arena

There will be a lot of new user features on the Google android 1.6, and here are some of the more notable ones. First off, the framework for the search engine will be given a once over, and will be redesigned. This will result in a quicker, more consistent, and more effective way to get search results over a larger variety of sources. And this can be done from the home screen, making it easier than ever to use your phones search capabilities. (after all, it is a Google!) Also, the system will learn what contacts, results, or apps are more popular, and these will be at the top of your search results, making it easier to find the popular searches first.

For those of you who are a fan of the camera, you will be happy to know that this interface has been improved in several ways. For one, the camcorder and gallery experience has been improved drastically. You can take stills and video more easily by being able to toggle between the two with more ease. You can also select more than one photo for deletion, doing away with some of the tediousness. The camera has also been quickened on the Google Android thanks to the 1.6. It is actually 39% faster than it was, and that is an impressive improvement by anyone’s standards.

And, perhaps the best of all, a new battery usage indicator. This indicator will allow you to not only see how much battery power is left, but to find out which apps are consuming what amount of power on your phone. This way, when your battery starts to get weak, you can stops some applications from running to save power, and you can do it by finding out which ones are using the most energy! This might seem small, but there are a lot of other smart phone users out there who wish they had this feature!

You can’t emphasize enough on how the Internet has changed our lives. Today every little piece of information you need on virtually any topic however small, the Internet has it covered in different forms from text to video to presentations on different topics. It has also become a global marketplace where billions of dollars are exchanged instantly across the world. With all the positive effects it is inevitable that just like everything else that exists today there are negative effects as well.

People using the internet are vulnerable to viruses, spyware, identity thieves, phishing scams and other cyber crimes, however with a little bit of attention towards these vulnerabilities you could keep yourself safe when you use the internet, here are 3 tips:

•    Use an Antivirus software

Viruses have been the single most dangerous threat to computers for years; it has cost the software industry billions of dollars and spreads very quickly across networks, thus the name virus. Using an antivirus software is essential to keeping you safe online from such malicious software.

•    Use an Anti spyware software

Like viruses, spyware has become common on the net known to quietly track your web usage without your consent; this is fairly a new phenomenon but has become a growing threat and can be just as hazardous as viruses.

•    Use a Firewall

Using firewall software is also required to keep users from gaining unauthorized access to your computer system.

Apart from the above three necessities precautionary measures such as refraining from opening unsolicited mail and accessing potentially malicious websites can also protect you online.

The mobile phone industry is one of the largest today, with the growing affordability and functionality that mobile phones and contracts provide, virtually everyone has access to their personal mobile. However with the recession there has been growing concern over financial well being with most of use looking to cut costs and thus finding a cheap mobile phones or plan could be one of the ways to cut costs.

Your cost may vary depending on your needs however it is possible to get a phone of reasonable quality with an array of features for an affordable price. It is important to identify what you are looking for and what purpose you maybe using it for. If you are looking for basic functionality with just text and calls it is possible to find a mobile phone at rock bottom rates however if you are looking for features such as internet connectivity, viewing media and camera facilities then you might be looking for something a tad more expensive. Of course purchasing a mobile via a time bound contract can cut costs dramatically.

The mobile phone industry also has a thriving second hand market as well where you can find plenty of cheap mobile phones in brand new condition, once you have found your phone the next step would be to find a cost-efficient mobile plan. Make sure you pick a reliable network provider and also look for seasonal discounts and other special offers to make sure you get the most economical plan.

Well, the time has finally come for the drop of the Android 1.6 download, but what will you get with it? How will it enhance your Android’s performance? There are a few ways in which 1.6 will make your phone better, but let’s first look at what makes the 1.6 different coming out of the gate. Well, as you probably well know, the 1.6 is based on what they call a donut branch of a project called Android open source. This means that it will come with a lot of new features and technologies that were previously unavailable. For one, CDMA will be supported now. Also, additional screen sizes will make use of some apps a lot more user friendly. And speaking of apps, you will now be able to deploy them on even more devices and networks then you could before, all as a result of the 1.6 download.

What will the Android 1.6 SDK be needing though? Does it come without the need for new software or hardware? Well, not entirely. For one, the Android 1.6 will require a newer version of ADT (android development tools) before you can use it. They say that your previous and existing apps will be able to run fine on the 1.6, but it is recommended that you test it once you get the 1.6 SDK (that is, if you don’t have it already).

Adapting to your new developer technology might be tricky at first, but even things like adapting apps to different screen sizes and building gestures will be easy enough, albeit with a little getting used to. The bottom line is that 1.6 will make your Google Android better, and that is what the important thing is. It is going to enhance your phone in a lot of ways, making it even smarter than it already is!