5 Crazy Android Apps We Never Thought Would Exist

In the world of tech, sometimes the jokes just write themselves. When you have a platform that’s as open as Android is, it makes sense that app developers would write amusing applications that are designed to make us laugh more than actually being useful.

We decided to look for off the wall apps just because we figured you would need a laugh at least once in a while — check these out!

First and foremost, we have a Dog Whistler app. The old school dog whistles work by using hit pitched sounds that humans cannot detect but dogs sure can. So this app uses a high frequency sound wave that can get your dog to finally pay attention to you. Don’t expect your dog to respond overnight, but if you train them to come to that whistle, they certainly will!

Speaking of interesting apps, we also found a Metal Detector. This app isn’t going to turn you into a treasure hunter like the guys on television, but you will be able to see about the metal devices that are right around your phone. It’s more of a “look what we can code” more than anything else.

From here, you have a Super Hypnotherapist app. This is supposed to help you fall asleep, but the jury is still out in terms of effectiveness. Some people report that it’s soothing, but many just think it’s more toy than anything else.

For fans of old memes, there’s a Cleverbot app. You can talk to a robot app that is so realistic you almost feel like you’re talking to a human. Thankfully, it’s just programming at work. Smart programming, but programming nonetheless.

Finally, there’s Zombie, Run! — a very cool app. It’s hilarious — the app is a game that displays a map of your surrounding area. It projects flesh hungry zombies on the screen at various locations that all have one thought in mind: eating you! Your mission? Run from the zombies before you get caught. It’s a great way to get your run in without feeling bored. Okay, so it might even be a little practical, but we aren’t going to admit that. No way. No sir.

There’s tons of fun little apps in the Android Market, so if you haven’t been in a way it’s definitely a good idea to go back and see what those wacky Android developers are actually up to! Check it out for yourself!