Google Android Apps

With the new Android out, apps are one thing that is on everybody’s mind. How will they work? Will there be some good ones? Will they make my phone better, or will they be cheesy? Will my phone hold all the apps I want? Can I shut them down if I don’t like them? These are all good questions, so here are some of the facts.

First, just so that you know, there are a ton of good apps out there. Do not be concerned with poor quality apps, either. The apps that you can get for the new Android system are great. Of course there will probably be some bad ones, but you can get all the good apps that you could possibly want.

Second, there is some question as to the way we store the apps on our phone. These programs are basically stored on the phones main internal memory, which poses a few questions. If the apps continue to run, will they slow down the phone? There is really no way in place to “shut down” an app that is in place, so they might continue to run, slowing down your phone.  You also might run out of room if you like to have a lot of apps on your phone.

But on the other hand, there are MANY amazing apps to be had! Some of them you will definitely not want to miss. There is an app for internet radio stations,  games, and a great Skype app that will allow you to solve many of the problems that Skype could bring to a mobile phone. And while this “Skype” calling might be a bit choppy, it is useable. So as you see, even international calling is taken care of on your Android equipped phone!