iPad Infographic Lets You Pick Up a Bargain

Do you remember looking on with envy when the fist iPad was released? Apple, one of the largest technology giants in the world has that power. The magical ability to keep the world on tenterhooks as Steve Jobs unveils the new must-have piece of technology. Not surprisingly Apple went on to sell more than two million iPad first generations in the first 60 days of sales. Many of us looked on with green eyes as the rest of the world snapped up these yummy morsels of technology. Not anymore. Since the iPad 2 was launched earlier this year the online listings company, Gumtree.com, has seen a massive increase in the number of iPads being listed.

The company has compiled a handy infographic compiling all the listings for iPads in the country. The data shows you where you can pick up the cheapest iPads and where the listings are concentrated. They have also calculated the price of iPads listed on the site, compared to the original selling price. On average you can now pick up an iPad for £152.35 less than the launch price.

For example there are more iPads for sale in London than in Newcastle. You can also see where to bag a bargain iPad. For instance the average price for the tablet in the North of the United Kingdom is £385.80, whereas the average price in the south is £410.39. London is also the most expensive place to pick up the Apple must have.

Have a look at the infographic below and you too may be able to take a bite of Apple’s juicy offerings.

iPad Price Infographic
Via: iPad Deals