iPhone Apps We Wish Would Come to the ‘Droid Side – The PRINCE2 Learning Aid from QA!

The Android Marketplace isn’t lacking for apps for the ‘Droid, but it’s not like they can cover every possible app in the world there. So sometimes for inspiration we peek over at other cell phone platforms and see what apps look interested.

We have a few friends and business associates that are project managers, and anyone that’s worked with a project manager understands the delicate nature of the work. It’s not fun and games — it’s a lot of work and that work shouldn’t be underestimated.

One test that is really important to UK project managers is the PRINCE2 certification exam. IPhone users that are trying to study for this exam have the PRINCE2 Learning Aid from QA to lean on, but what do Android users have? Not anything, really.

PRINCE2 training is something that’s really important — this is not like the tests that you took in school. It’s going to take a little bit more time and concentration if you really want to pass the test.

So, what does this app really bring to the table that’s so special and wonderful? Well, in a nutshell you will be getting detail-rich graphs, diagrams, and instructions. These notes revolve around the basic and advanced concepts that you will need to understand ahead of time before you take the time. The exam questions will revolve around these topics.

This is an app developed by a company that specializes in preparing people for the PRINCE2 certification exam, so it’s not just rehashed information you’d find online from people that have never handled project management in their lives.

If you’re truly looking for a great app to help you prepare for the test, this is the app to get. Yet what about that Android-iPhone problem? When enough people let the developer know they want to see it moved to the Android platform instead of just being iPhone only, you can definitely bet there’s going to be anther version coming out soon!