Making your Own Android Apps

Making your own apps for a mobile phone is a very appealing concept. Of course, not all platforms allow this type of thing, which is why when Google released the Android operating system and platform, third party app creators threw happy fits of hysteria! Google Android certainly does deliver all of the goodies that one would expect on a platform that allows the creation of apps but I believe that Google has even taken it a step further by allowing users access to key Google libraries, such as Google maps.

If you do not fully understand the power behind what Google has given us as mobile phone users and app creators, then let me just expand upon this point for a moment. By giving us access to programs like Google maps, Android can allow us to create amazing apps that are geographically accurate and up to date! Gone are the days where addresses and places were exactly that – addresses and so called places. With Google maps, you can bring up a location right on the map, click on them, and gather all kinds of information for them. It is also through maps like this that you are able to scan items and find them in stores and then find the location of the stores right on Google maps in your phone!

The possibilities here are endless, which is why Android needs to be praised for giving us such flexibility to be creative. It is all a part of open-sourcing, and it is still open ground! Who knows how far it will go, and how much better it will get. There are so many good ideas right now floating around, that is it hard for everyone to follow them all. But just wait, in time, open source programs like Android won’t be so rare, and we will wonder why someone had not thought of it before and it will all be thanks to a little program we call Google Android.