More Android Apps We Overlooked in 2012

2013 is here, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not already on the hunt for great Android apps. What you will find is that we have looked up the best Android applications for your needs, but these lists are subjective. We’re going to list what we think is a good fit, and then we’ll turn things over to you. Check it out below first, then sound off in the comments:



When it comes to automation apps, Android is where it’s at. You can make your phone do a lot of really cool stuff — all without alerting you, if that’s what you want.

JuiceDefender tweaks your device settings to provide maximum battery life — how cool is that?


viber android

This is a very popular VoIP app that runs circles round Skype. If you’re tired of the classic issues with Skype, then you need to look at Viber a little closer.

This is our favorite IM client. It covers Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, and MySpace. Just about everything you need is included in this app.

AnkiDroid Flashcards:

AnkiDroid Flashcards

Need to memorize something for class? You should check out AnkiDroid. It’ll let you flip through virtual index cards faster than if you had them out on your own.

Kindle for Android: Everyone should already know this app, but we love it enough to recommend it again. This app stays in sync with your real Kindle, as everything is synced perfectly. This is great for those free book promotions that you see online — you can download fresh content and red it on the go…anywhere!

For your home screen, we like Embiggen, because you just can’t have text zoomed out large enough. Embiggen lets you have short messages displayed BIG so you can read it from across the room. Not a bad app at all, and it’s free.

What guide would be complete without games?

We really like Flood-it, which is a color-based puzzle/strategy game.

There’s also Chalk Ball Lite, which is a game where you draw chalk lines to keep the ball from falling off the screen. You can then bounce it onto other balls. Very addictive.

And yes, we still love Angry Birds, but they don’t need an introduction at this point.

If you’re looking for a good fitness app, look no further than JEFIT. It gives you the full package — diagrams of lifts, ways to track your daily workouts, and a website to keep in touch with others in the community for support. This guide doesn’t do JEFIT justice in terms of what’s all available for you. You gotta check it out today.

If the standard audio player on Android isn’t your cup of tea, we recommend MX Player. It’s free and it really lets you do just about anything that you want. If you need something that can sync your device with iTunes, we recommend doubleTwist Player.

Need to stay productive? Brace yourself — productivity apps are coming!

Do it (Tomorrow) is one of our favorites. It lets you plan out your to-do list without a lot of hassle and fuss. We also like AnyDo, which is smaller and definitely tries to keep up with everything that you have going on.

If you want something that syncs to Planet Google, there’s Astrid Task.

When it comes to system utilities, there’s quite a few on the market. Still, we recommend just a few:

Titanium backup is THE backup utility. We love tweaking our Android phones, but we don’t like losing everything! Titanium Backup backs up EVERYTHING, even those little files you think are too hidden to be reached. There’s also DiskUsage, which we like because it lets you know exactly what’s eating up your SD card.

This wraps up our latest rundown on Android apps. Which ones would you go with? Are there ones that you’re crazy about that we missed? Let us know — sound off in the comments!