Put The Classified World On your Terms With Selloby

We love Android apps, but we love them even more when they help us save money and even make money. Yes, we know that you know this by now but you can really make money through all of those old things just lying around your house. Give them the eviction notice through classified ads. Not only does it give you a great way to leverage your local neighborhood, but you also get rid of the things that are just taking up space. Making a little money on the side doesn’t hurt anything, either.

So, where are we really going with this? It’s not like there aren’t plenty of classified sites that everyone knows about. Yet what about using an Android app to make the classified world a lot easier to navigate from both perspectives — buyer and seller?

Impossible? Can’t be done? C’mon now — this is the Internet, and just about everything is possible with the right toolkit. The Android platform has really made it possible for developers to come out with some very neat products, and we have another app to add to the neat list: Selloby.

When you step back to realize just what Selloby does, you’ll find the title is a clever play on words. It’s all about buying and selling on classified sites — get it, sell or buy? Hey, we thought it was cute.

Aside from a cute name, the app is pretty powerful. It’s really a gateway into a hot community where people buy and sell items locally — the app is really the best vehicle for navigating the community. You can use hashtags to organize your post. That way, when someone searches for your keyword, your post is right up there with the other posts. This increases your chances of getting anything you want to sell actually sold.

Moving right along with Selloby, it looks like they’ve figured out just about everything for you. For example, if you’re not sure what to set your price at for the item that you want to post, you can use suggestions to set your price. That’s a very useful feature, especially in fast moving cities where price really does matter — NYC; we’re looking right at you.

Like most apps, Selloby takes plenty advantage of the camera that comes with most Android phones. You don’t have to dig for your point and shoot anymore — take a picture of whatever you want to sell, and then use Selloby to include the picture in the listing. It’s pretty seamless, because Selloby can access your photo album directly. No fuss, no hassles, no problem!

We could probably go on and on, but it’s time for you to step up to the plate. That’s right — we’re daring you to sign up for Selloby, take it for a spin, and put the classified world on your terms!