Samsung confirm the release date for their new handset

The Samsung mobile giant has recently confirmed a release date for a much-anticipated handset. The handset in question offers an assortment of high tech features and apps and is available in the UK in just over a month.

So which handset are we talking about? The mobile phone in question is in fact the Samsung Galaxy Note and if you are lucky, you may be able to get your hands on one in the very near future!

This isn’t just a smartphone, it is also a tablet and a hybrid and the much talked about device was raved about at the IFA 2011 in August.

So what can we expect from such a unique smartphone? The specs include an 8-mega-pixel rear mounted camera, which in fact features 1080p HD video recording facilities as well as a front facing 2-mega-pixel lens! This means taking photos of you and your friends together no longer requires the task of trying to hit the button from the other side of the camera. This is a technique that often results in missing half of the group out of the camera shot!

The operating systems included are Android Gingerbread 2.1, which is powered by a 1.4 GHz processor. Despite all of the technology squeezed into this handset, it still only measures 9.65mm. This is great news for those that desire a high tech gadget that isn’t bulky but instead easy to carry around, whether this is too and from work or whilst travelling to various venues.

Samsung have stated that they have in fact brought an extremely innovative product to the market with the introduction of this handset. The Samsung Note is said to be the fastest handset to date and still offers the entire award winning specifications expected from a state of the art smartphone. Visit the site to see more about this new innovative mobile phone at the Dialaphone website.