The Lowdown on Android Keyboard Options

Those looking to update their mobile devices to an Android usually have concerns when choosing the best type of keyboard for their needs and comfort level. With the Android, there are three to choose from – MultiTouch, Standard and Swype. Here you can receive the information you need before you purchase one in order to save you unforeseen headaches down the road.

The MultiTouch

One of the latest additions to the Android keyboard collection is the MultiTouch made by Motorola. This keyboard was first seen on the Droid X and has been ported to other devices such as the Droid Incredible. In addition to being sturdy, like its Standard keyboard counterpart, the MultiTouch improves on the problem faced by users who type fast. Instead of becoming confused by the letters’ order when typing on a touch screen, the MultiTouch allows the user to hold down a single letter while continuing to type.

The Standard

Although this keyboard was given the name “Standard,” its users will agree that the name does not do it justice. The newest Standard versions even offer voice input, allowing the keyboard to become amplified. It also has very little “quirks” and tends to be extremely responsive. Conveniently, the Standard keyboard comes already installed as well as configured.

While there are many good points about the Standard, there are also some flaws in regards to special characters and symbols. For instance, if the user needs to press the “ALT” key, they will find their entire texting flow will come to a halt. It also is known for subpar word prediction, even though this has slightly improved after devices with this keyboard became equipped with HTC Sense.

The Swype

Swype is a fairly new type of keyboard that many find to be pleasant, if not downright fun, to use. It does take a little bit of time to become acquainted and comfortable with the Swype but once you do, it is extremely simple to utilize. There are some features of which your non-Droid friends will become envious, such as the ability to “magically” draw a line over a letter you wish to use and have it instantly pop up. However, it takes some adjustment to being unable to view the keys underneath the thumbs.

The Swype is considered to be one of the best keyboards in the mobile device industry as it offers speedy text entry, work insertion and fairly accurate word prediction. The only negative to this keyboard is that its users do have to take some time in order to master it. Overall, it is a well-designed keyboard and arguably the best to date.