The Nexus One – Google now has a smart phone of its own!

With Apple, it might seem sometimes like they cannot be beat. After all, they have given us some of the best smart phones on the market, right? How can someone compete with what we have gotten from the iPhone?

Well, Google has finally spoken, and it is in the form of a new super-phone that will be called the Nexus One. It is the first super-phone to be released by Google, and as such, it will of course be running the latest version of Android as an operating platform. The handset was premiered recently at a press-only event in California, and it went over very well. One of the new great things about the Nexus One is that it is completely voice activated. So, your text messages can be spoken into existence, as well as your emails. Anywhere that you would input text can now be spoken into existence.

Nexus One
Nexus One

The Google vice president of Android management said that “The Nexus One is where web meets phone”, and by all accounts, he is right. With the ability to pull live feeds and widgets from applications like Facebook, it seems that the Android platform has finally arrived in a form that can compete with the major players. T-Mobile will carry the contract for the phone, which will retail for about $180 with a 2 year agreement. The phone will also be available on Vodaphone and Verizon networks by spring.

It is interesting to note that, by releasing it’s own handset, Google is directly competing with phones like the Droid, which are also carrying the Android platform. This could be a tricky balance… but it is one that Google has obviously thought out. After all, most things that Google touches turn out golden, right?