Video Conferencing Applications for Android Mobile Phones

It is a lot easier to hold business meetings when you have access to the possibility of using video conferencing. Android is great when referring to business needs that people have and when referring to video, it does not disappoint. There are actually many applications that will offer video conferencing ease and we are going to talk about the most commonly used ones.

First on the list needs to be Qik Video Connect. Its interface will be different when thinking about the iOS counterpart and the Android version will feature 4 blocks on the screen. Every single one is a specific function. The included functions are Video Chat, Video Mail, Video Gallery and Record and Share. Even if the Android version is different in appearance when compared with the iOS version, the functionality remains the same. Video Mail is a feature that you might find to be really interesting. It is highly similar to Voice Mail but it will utilize video. The big advantage stands in the fact that video quality will be better than on live chat due to it being pre-recorded.

You might also want to use Tango, which is impressive as it allows users to have cross-platform video chat. This basically means that you can also chat with a friend that will use iOS instead of Android. This is definitely a feature that you are going to like and there is also the addition of the fact that video quality is really high. Users appreciated how easy it was to use Tango and the fact that it will work on both 3G and 4G networks at the same time. You can easily find your friends with the use of Tango as you can search for different contacts that use the application. Just look them up by phone number using the app feature to locate friends.

Fring is a video conferencing app that scores high at easiness of use. The interface is not cluttered and even first time Android users are going to quickly understand everything that has to be done. The video quality is pretty good although it will be a little lower when compared to the iPhone version. However, the main advantage is that you can visit the Android site and download Fring for free.

In the future there will surely be other video conferencing applications that are going to be great and even now the choice is wider than what was presented. Make sure that you choose an app based on your needs and your conferencing requirements.

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